Foodies set plate for Social TV party: Food Fanatics with Eden

Admittedly, this is the type of story that serves our self interests.  You see, we here at TV Weekly Now love food.  We're also big social media fans; so when you fold the two in gently, we see it as a recipe for success (Feel free to groan over the cliches in this story, but like being presented with a luscious desert, we just couldn't resist).

This Friday at 10:30 PM ET, the Cooking Channel serves up Food Fanatics with Eden Grinshpan.  Her pain poolish  of social media and foodie enthusiasm is just the type of mother dough that should add immediate depth, complexity and texture to Eden's broadcast bill of fare.  It should please the palates of adventurous young foodies and social media mavens alike -- along with advertisers trying to reach them -- and set the table for a buffet of similar gastro-social divertisement that we're sure to see sprinkled into other cooking shows.

"We're looking for people online that have big followings," Eden implores to would-be groupies in her video above.   "People that Tweet about food. People that have food blogs. We go to one of their favorite restaurants and we eat one of their favorite dishes. You can't help but laugh and have fun. Food is fun."

Eden's first fetes involve
guests such as a crazy, costume-wearing blogger who cooks up caramelized striped bass, to the infamous online sensation Vegan Black Metal Chef who shows her his favorite meat-free hangout.  Along the way, she explains how these foodies also amassed legions of online followers.

Clearly, Eden sees the potential of mashing-up social media and TV -- so much so, in fact -- that she's made it the main ingredient of her show.  She also has the creds to do it, having graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in London with the "Grande Diplome" in both Pastry and Cuisine. Time will tell if an audience likes her recipe for Social TV, but one thing is certain, we can count on being offered similar fare from other cooking shows.

Ok, enough of the amuse-bouche.  Let's sauce our feeds with Eden's hashtags, set our reminders for the show, and help her to cook-up a success.

"To food," Eden says.  Indeed.

Follow Eden on Twitter @edeneats and tweet along with her and other fanatics using #EdensFoodFanatics and #FoodFanatics.