Increase his ratings and Son's of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter will buy you a beer

Sons of Anarchy
fans have a new incentive to encourage others to watch the season 6 premier. 

Show creator and actor, Kurt Sutter, says that "If we increase our SONS OF ANARCHY season 6 premier numbers by any percentage in the key demos, myself and some unwilling cast member will show up in your home town and take over your favorite bar, club or theatre and watch a season 6 Son's episode with you, your friends and your highly dysfunctional family.

"We will come baring gifts, good cheer and basically disrupt your neighborhood and piss off all your neighbors, said Sutter... 

"The winner will be chosen at random from social media.  Anyone following my twitter @sutterink or my Sutterink Facebook page will be eligible.  Sorry international fans, but this one is limited to resident of the United States."