Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat From Hell" Special Tackles Working At Home With Feisty Felines

By Taylor Neumann

Has your furry companion been a little … “off” this quarantine? Maybe a little … cat sh#t crazy? The new Animal Planet special My Cat From Hell: Cat Sh#t Crazy! (Saturday) takes a look at some of these cats that have gone off the deep end with their owners now staying at home, and it’s up to resident cat behaviorist and expert Jackson Galaxy to figure it out. Only this time, unlike the normal routine, he can’t visit these families in their homes. Thanks to the power of technology, Galaxy is still able to make a difference and change families’ lives for the better.

“On the plus side, I don’t have to bleed, so that’s cool,” said Galaxy of his new working arrangement. “But on the negative side, I don’t actually get to meet the cats. … And there’s so much of my work that usually depends on that aspect of things, so it’s definitely challenging.”

But there was definitely a need for his help. “The reason why the episode came to be in the first place was this large problem that, as we all started to shelter in place, our cats were suddenly like, wait a minute, nobody’s leaving? Ever? … And the more we get on each other’s nerves, then the more the cats pick up on it. They sort of take that energy and run with it.”