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Trending Fear

In August 2017, writer and cartoonist Adam Ellis tweets, "My apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me." He documents his haunting on social media under the hashtag #DearDavid, and the ghost story goes viral, as millions of people follow Ellis' frightening experiences, yearning for answers about the little boy with an indentation on his head. In Travel Channel's series, "Trending Fear," Ellis teams up with researcher Jen Lewis and ghost hunter Paul Bradford to help other people take back their lives after nightmarish encounters with the paranormal. Not only will the group use traditional methods, it will also use social media to crowdsource the stories, theories and evidence surrounding each case. "Adam's extraordinary personal experience and harrowing tale that went viral in `Dear David' makes him uniquely positioned to help those grappling with paranormal fear," says Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel.


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