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    America's Got Talent ...

    NBC, 8:00PM ET

    While this series offers contestants the promise of instant acceptance with the Golden Buzzer, it also encompasses less-happy circumstances that come to pass again with this first round of the Judge Cuts for the current season. It's a guarantee that not everyone who takes the stage here will leave with smiles on their faces as Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel make the tough decisions. Tyra Banks is the host.
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    The Outpost

    CW, 9:00PM ET

    Talon (Jessica Green) gets valuable -- and somewhat unnerving -- information from her rescuer in the new episode "Two Heads Are Better Than None," as she learns the very nature of her existence. The killing of a Prime Order officer prompts a determined search for the perpetrator. Jake Stormoen, Anand Desai Barochia, Imogen Waterhouse, Michael Flynn, Robyn Malcolm, Andrew Howard and Philip Brodie also star.
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    Animal Kingdom

    TNT, 9:00PM ET

    J and Deran (Finn Cole, Jake Weary) find themselves stranded after the weed heist goes south in the new episode "Incoming." Craig (Ben Robson) tries to act as peacemaker when Pope and Billy (Shawn Hatosy, Denis Leary) start clashing. Meanwhile, Smurf (Ellen Barkin) finally discovers what J has been hiding from her while she has been away.
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    The Last Defense

    ABC, 10:00PM ET

    The documentary series' probe of its second death-row case continues with the new episode "Julius Jones: The Trial," as the prosecutors appear to build a strong indictment of Jones via statements from their star witness. The defense then tries to discredit that testimony, but loopholes are left that could jeopardize that attempt. Two voluntary witnesses may be Jones' last hopes. Viola Davis and her husband, Julius Tennon, are among the show's executive producers.
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    World of Dance

    NBC, 10:00PM ET

    With all the rounds of Qualifiers there have been this season, including this seventh one, there's going to be a lot of talent to sift through when the show moves on to its later rounds. Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo remain the judges who make the calls on performers who have traveled from all corners of the world to compete here. Jenna Dewan is both the host and a mentor to the dancers.
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    Drunk History

    COMEDY, 10:00PM ET

    "Death" is the common theme in this new episode, which features a segment that explains how Robert E. Lee's home estate became a burial ground for Union soldiers. In other stories, a gang of counterfeiters try to steal the corpse of Abraham Lincoln, and an embalmed bandit makes his way around the country. Guest stars include Jason Ritter, Justin Long and Jimmy O. Yang; Derek Waters is the host.
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    Hot Rod

    STARZ, 6:30PM ET

    For Rod Kimball (Andy Samberg), performing stunts is a way of life, even though he is rather accident-prone. Poor Rod cannot even get any respect from his stepfather, Frank (Ian McShane), who beats him up in weekly sparring matches. When Frank falls ill, Rod devises his most outrageous stunt yet to raise money for Franks operation -- and then Rod will kick Franks butt.
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    National Security

    HBOC, 7:00PM ET

    Earl Montgomery (Martin Lawrence), a bombastic police academy reject, and Hank Rafferty (Steve Zahn), a disgraced, mild-mannered cop, cant seem to escape each other. They met on opposite sides of the law during a routine traffic stop that escalated out of control; now as lowly security guards theyre thrown together to bust a smuggling operation.
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    Mona Lisa Smile

    TMC, 7:00PM ET

    Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts) is a recent UCLA graduate hired to teach art history at the prestigious all-female Wellesley College, in 1953. Determined to confront the outdated mores of society and the institution that embraces them, Katherine inspires her traditional students including Betty (Kirsten Dunst) and Joan (Julia Stiles) to challenge the lives they are expected to lead.
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    American Made

    HBOZ, 7:00PM ET

    Barry Seal, a TWA pilot, is recruited by the CIA to provide reconnaissance on the burgeoning communist threat in Central America and soon finds himself in charge of one of the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States. The operation spawns the birth of the Medellin cartel and almost brings down the Reagan White House.
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    The Usual Suspects

    ENCRCL, 8:47PM ET

    "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist," says con man Kint (Kevin Spacey), drawing a comparison to the most enigmatic criminal of all time, Keyser Soze. Kint attempts to convince the feds that the mythic crime lord not only exists, but is also responsible for drawing Kint and his four partners into a multi-million dollar heist that ended with an explosion in San Pedro Harbor - leaving few survivors.
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    SHO2, 10:10PM ET

    Young Thurgood Marshall faces one of his greatest challenges while working as a lawyer for the NAACP. Marshall travels to conservative Connecticut when wealthy socialite Eleanor Strubing accuses black chauffeur Joseph Spell of sexual assault and attempted murder. He soon teams up with Sam Friedman, a local Jewish lawyer whos never handled a criminal case. Together, the two men build a defense while contending with racist and anti-Semitic views from those who deem Spell to be guilty.
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    Because of ...

    STZK, 10:17PM ET

    Abandoned by her mother years ago, Opal (AnnaSophia Robb), a 10-year-old girl, moves with her preacher father (Jeff Daniels) to a small town in Florida. Lonely and missing her old friends, Opal is ecstatic to find companionship with a rambunctious little dog she names Winn-Dixie, after the store where she found the pup. With Winn-Dixies help, Opal befriends several colorful townsfolk (Cicely Tyson, Eva Marie Saint, Dave Matthews) and even begins mending her relationship with her father.
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    Kingsman: The Golden ...

    HBOC, 10:30PM ET

    With their headquarters destroyed and the world held hostage, members of Kingsman find new allies when they discover a spy organization in the United States known as Statesman. In an adventure that tests their strength and wits, the elite secret agents from both sides of the pond band together to battle a ruthless enemy and save the day, something thats becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy.
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    American League at National League

    Baseball | Fox, 8:00PM ET
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    Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers

    Basketball | ESPN, 10:00PM ET