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    PBS, 9:00PM ET

    The 2003 invasion of Iraq and the war that followed hasn't lacked for coverage by Western filmmakers, but award-winning director James Bluemel's new documentary "Once Upon a Time in Iraq" promises a different perspective. The film is constructed of eyewitness accounts from Iraqis from all different backgrounds, who share their stories of what it meant to survive those violent years from the fall of Saddam Hussein to the end of the Islamic State Group.
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    Dirty Jobs


    Mike Rowe and his dirty crew hit the highway to see the sights and reminisce about classic American infrastructure jobs from the show's history; along the way, they check in with some of the hard-working men and women who keep the country moving.
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    America's Got Talent

    NBC, 8:00PM ET

    The auditions conclude with judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews; variety acts and contestants audition for the chance to win $1 million; the golden buzzer could send a lucky act directly to the live shows.
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    OWN, 9:00PM ET

    Grace (Merle Dandridge) hopes her family's luck may be turning when she finds a key informant who can provide important answers for her investigation into Bob Whitmore's (Beau Bridges) old company, Edenvale Landing, in the new episode "The Fourth Day." At the church, preparations for the last Sunday service at Calvary turn contentious when Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) stands her ground against Phil and Judee (Sean Blakemore, Valerie Jane Parker). Bishop (Keith David) takes the matter of the house into his own hands.
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    Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

    BRAVO, 9:00PM ET

    The new episode "Storm the Castle" finds Tracy trying to balance her new portfolio with her incredibly demanding developer, who has sky-high expectations and a decidedly stormy history of working with Josh Altman. Elsewhere, James and David are up against both a business deadline and Mother Nature's body clock to find their pregnant client her dream home before she goes into labor.
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    Dirty John

    USA, 10:00PM ET

    This true-crime anthology drama series concludes Season 2 -- which has revolved around the Betty Broderick case -- with a finale called "Perception Is Reality." Betty (Amanda Peet) has found it possible to avoid confronting the reality of her actions, thanks to a wave of support from strangers, but ultimately the time arrives for her to face the music. Christian Slater also stars.
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    Gone Girl

    FXM, 4:10PM ET

    In Carthage, Mo., former New York-based writer Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and his glamorous wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) present a portrait of a blissful marriage to the public. However, when Amy goes missing on the couples fifth wedding anniversary, Nick becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance. The resulting police pressure and media frenzy cause the Dunnes image of a happy union to crumble, leading to tantalizing questions about who Nick and Amy truly are.
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    Couples Retreat

    E!, 5:00PM ET

    Four couples, all friends, descend on a tropical island resort. Though one husband and wife are there to work on their marriage, the others just want to enjoy some fun in the sun. They soon find, however, that paradise comes at a price: Participation in couples therapy sessions is mandatory. What started out as a cut-rate vacation turns into an examination of the common problems many face.
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    Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) seems to have it all but his wife, Donna (Kate Beckinsale), is increasingly frustrated by the amount of time he has to spend at work. Michael cannot find time to be at home until he meets an eccentric inventor (Christopher Walken) who gives him a universal remote that controls time. At first he happily skips the boring times until he realizes the remote is in control of his life and he learns to cherish all the precious moments with his family.
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    Last Christmas

    HBO, 6:15PM ET

    Nothing seems to go right for young Kate, a frustrated Londoner who works as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop. But things soon take a turn for the better when she meets Tom -- a handsome charmer who seems too good to be true. As the city transforms into the most wonderful time of the year, Tom and Kates growing attraction turns into the best gift of all -- a Yuletide romance.
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    BBCA, 7:00PM ET

    In the year 2077, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) works as a security repairman on an Earth left empty and devastated after a war with aliens. Jack has two weeks left before his mission ends and he joins his fellow survivors on a faraway colony. However, Jacks concept of reality comes crashing down after he rescues a beautiful stranger (Olga Kurylenko) from a downed spacecraft. The womans arrival triggers a chain of events that culminates in Jacks nearly single-handed battle to save mankind.
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    (500) Days of Summer

    STZCI, 7:22PM ET

    Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), greeting-card writer and hopeless romantic, is caught completely off-guard when his girlfriend, Summer (Zooey Deschanel), suddenly dumps him. He reflects on their 500 days together to try to figure out where their love affair went sour, and in doing so, Tom rediscovers his true passions in life.
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    That's My Boy

    STZE, 7:55PM ET

    While still a teen himself, Donny (Adam Sandler) fathered a son,Todd (Andy Samberg), and raised him as a single parent. On Todds 18th birthday, Donny cut the youth loose. After years of estrangement,the older man shows up unexpectedly on the eve of his sons wedding day, sending the young mans life into a tailspin. Donny wants desperately to reconnect with Todd, but he must now deal with the repercussions of the bad parenting he exhibited in the past.
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    Star Trek

    TNT, 8:00PM ET

    Aboard the USS Enterprise, the most-sophisticated starship ever built, a novice crew embarks on its maiden voyage. Their path takes them on a collision course with Nero (Eric Bana), a Romulan commander whose mission of vengeance threatens all mankind. If humanity would survive, a rebellious young officer named James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and a coolly logical Vulcan named Spock (Zachary Quinto) must move beyond their rivalry and find a way to defeat Nero before it is too late.
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    Julie & Julia

    SHOCSE, 8:30PM ET

    Frustrated with a soul-killing job, New Yorker Julie Powell (Amy Adams) embarks on a daring project: she vows to prepare all 524 recipes in Julia Childs landmark cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Intertwined with Julies story is the true tale of how Julia Child (Meryl Streep) herself conquered French cuisine with passion, fearlessness, and plenty of butter.
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    NC Dinos at Kiwoom Heroes

    Baseball | ESPN2, 5:25AM ET
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    Finals: Teams TBA

    Basketball | ESPN, 7:00PM ET
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    Jamel Herring vs. Jonathan Oquendo-Arnaldi

    Boxing | ESPN, 9:00PM ET
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    Group Stage: Chicago Fire vs. Seattle Sounders FC

    Soccer | ESPN, 9:00AM ET
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    Chelsea vs. Norwich City

    Soccer | NBCSN, 3:10PM ET
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    San Diego Aviators at Las Vegas Rollers

    Tennis | ESPN2, 2:00PM ET
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    Orlando Storm at Chicago Smash

    Tennis | ESPN2, 3:00PM ET