Star Sean Bean Boards The "Snowpiercer" Train For Season 2

"The wardrobe is fantastic — so much so, I’ve asked whether I can keep it when we finish filming."  — Star Sean Bean, on the Snowpiercer wardrobe for his character, Mr. Wilford

"Walker" Is A Family Man In New Series Starring Jared Padalecki

“This Walker is much more about a family than it is about a swashbuckling hero who runs around roundhouse kicking bad guys” — Jared Padalecki, on his new CW show Walker

Star Tom Payne Talks Shocking End Of Season 1, Return Of "Prodigal Son" On Fox

FOX’s Prodigal Son returns for Season 2 on Jan. 12, and there are a lot of questions that need answers, the first being: “WHAT?!”