In FOX's New Thriller "neXt," Star John Slattery Fights An A.I. System Gone Rogue

John Slattery, star of neXt on FOX, says "smart" devices don't bother him: “... I assume that it’s watching. There’s evidence all over the place. I just live a boring enough life where I don’t care.”

Star Aliyah Royale Offers Insights On "The Walking Dead: World Beyond"

Aliyah Royale says of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, "There are definitely some secrets, and on the journey as we grow in our identities, some secrets come out."

Malin Akerman Talks AMC's New Sci-Fi Fi Drama "Soulmates"

 “I just loved it. I thought it was just such a creative episode, and really kind of disturbing, all in one.” — Soulmates star Malin Akerman