Jessica Brown Findlay Time Travels From "Downton Abbey" To A "Brave New World"

“The script really, really excited me. It felt — even though it’s based on a book that came out in 1932 — so fresh and exciting.”  — Jessica Brown Findlay, star of Brave New World

Morgan Kohan Looks For "Love On Harbor Island"

Hallmark Channel's latest feel-good movie, Love On Harbor Island, stars Morgan Kohan, who fans will recognize from the network's When Hope Calls.

"Romance in the Air" Star Cindy Busby Looks Back On Childhood Summers

“It’s a special feeling when the universe brings someone back into your life at the right moment, whether it’s romantic or otherwise. This movie is a celebration of one of those moments." — Cindy Busby, star of Hallmark Channel's original film Romance in the Air