Chad Michael Murray Reflects On Fate And Simple Acts Of Kindness In Hallmark Original

"Sometimes it’s just nice to put on the television and have some feel-good, go on the journey, and get the nostalgia vibe and the good feelings. I think that the world needs more of that." — Chad Michael Murray

Star And Creator Daisy Haggard Calls "Back to Life" A "Dark Comedy With A Heart"

“Life’s never one thing. It’s a million things. And so that was one of the big feelings about the show, that it should be allowed to move sort of swiftly between everything.” — Daisy Haggard, creator and star of Back To Life

Celebrate 30 Years Of A Classic Tale: Disney Presents "The Little Mermaid Live!"

ABC's musical special The Little Mermaid Live! airs Nov. 5 as a tribute to the original film’s 30th anniversary.