Pretty In Pink: Catching Up With "The Walking Dead's" Princess, Paola Lázaro

"When I got the call, I fell to my knees. I just had worked so hard for it. For me it is a dream job." — Paola Lázaro, The Walking Dead's Princess, on getting the role

Superheroes Are Super Parents In CW's "Superman & Lois"

Superman & Lois is the newest addition to The CW’s universe of superhero television shows, and it promises a new take on perhaps the medium’s best-known couple.

Don Johnson Enjoying "Chemistry" With Castmates In New Show "Kenan"

“[This is] like being part of a jazz band. We are all part of this fabulous ensemble, and every now and then one of us pops up and has a solo, and then it’s fantastic."  — Don Johnson, on his castmates in the new show Kenan.